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Ft. Myers, Florida


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Introducing the band.....

The DixieLanders Jazz Band was formed in 2006  when a " lonesome " cornet player met a tenor banjo man by way of Craig's List.  The intent was to rekindle their mutual enjoyment of traditional jazz music.    As luck would have it, there were a number of other musicians in the area who were equally enthusiastic to recreate the music popular during their formative years. The DixieLanders Jazz Band started at the Landings Yacht & Tennis Club in Ft Myers, Florida and performs for discriminating audiences throughout the Southwestern region of Florida.  Our band is composed of musicians from all walks of life and from around the country.  Band members include retired executives, lawyers, educators, and other professions.  The common denominator that brings this group together is the shared love of traditional jazz music in the New Orleans style.  We all grew up listening to the Dixieland  jazz that came up the river from New Orleans beginning at the turn of the century up to the early 1960's.  Eventually, this style of jazz has fallen into the musical melting pots of Chicago, Kansas City, St. Louis, San Francisco and New Orleans.  You can now add Ft Myers to the list.